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I just came back from Ikasucon and it's been an interesting experience. I worked my ass off day and night on my old school Cloud cosplay, of course with loads of help from my Dad, so I'd have it done in time to debut at the con. Sadly I didn't get to bring it because the buster sword was 5 ft tall and they had a 4 ft or under policy. I had read the weapons rules on their website and they didn't mention size at all, but of course somehow somebody left that off of the website and only posted it on the forums, that  I was unable to register for because the moderators were completely worthless when it came to activating accounts. Finally (two days before the con) Kuma realized he had an old account and found that little detail they decided to leave out. The best part of all of this is that even though I left my new cosplay at home and only wore my Crisis Core Cloud, I found plenty of over sized props and nobody gave a shit. I don't plan on attending Ikasucon ever again unless they straighten things out. Oh, and things got even better for me. Before I even had a chance to get ready for the con on Saturday I came down with some sort of stomach bug and started puking. After resting for awhile and feeling a little better I managed to change into costume and go to the con at about 5, but I felt woosy almost all day. :[ I've definitely had better convention experiences, but my friend Julie was dressed as Reno with me as her first cosplay. It was so fun hanging out with her, and she pulls off Reno like nobody else!! <3

So many things have happened since I've blogged that I want to write about, that I almost can't stand writing this because I either have to leave out everything or ramble for about five pages. My summer has been extremely lazy but I'm not complaining since I've enjoyed it a lot. I've spent probably less than a third of summer at home and most of it at my new apartment with my boyfriend,
sins_of_pride (Kuma) , in BG. I love being here, it's so peaceful and we're a five minute walk from downtown which is beautiful and full of exciting things. I haven't really done a single productive thing this summer besides work on cosplay, and I'm not even sure if you could call that productive. I haven't put any effort toward learning to drive and I've put barely any effort into getting a job. I could list some excuses but I think it all comes down to the fact I'm terrified of doing both of those things so I have no trouble procrastinating. >< 

School starts in two weeks! I have no idea what to expect but I am dreading it anyway. I have to audition on bassoon the Sunday before classes even start, which is the same day I have to sit through some ridiculously long induction crap for which I'm required to read a book I have no desire to read so I'm having my Julie read it for me and sum things up. :] I love how motivated I already am for college! It really scares me though. Throughout high school I worked my ass off and believed in myself, but during my senior year things went downhill due to a little thing called senioritis. I figured that would leave after I graduated, but everybody seemed to be at least excited about college. I'm not sure if I am.

Colossal Con and Graduation

     Colossal Con was pretty sweet, despite the fact I felt like crap the entire time as a result of a lack of sleep, con exhaustion and my cold getting worse. I think my cold got worse due to my exhaustion, though, since I could have sworn I was starting to recover right before the con started. I cosplayed as CC Cloud again Friday and Saturday, but I have revamped almost the entire costume since I debuted it at Acen.

    On Friday I had graduation practice that morning, but I rushed to the con immediately afterward with Kuma and Sara . We decided that   Sara's new alias is Sam since it flies with both genders and is the result of an amazing inside joke. All I really remember from Friday is walking around being photographed and eating at Fazoli's trying to repair my costume before I got judged for the masquerade. It was my first time being judged and I used a really shitty reference. x-x;

    Saturday I had to wake up bright and early for the Final Fantasy photoshoot, where I met some awesome cosplayers including a cute Aerith and Zack. They were both very friendly and fun to talk to. I also met the cutest tiny Aerith who told me she forgave me. ;-; <3 The masquerade wasn't fun at all. It was my first masquerade experience and I don't think I'm going to enter another one any time soon. I was disappointed the skits were first and the walk-ons weren't even separated from novice to journeyman to expert or whatnot. The awards were weird and hard to follow. Waiting in the green room also was no fun since I felt so crappy and the entire thing just dragged on and on.

    Somehow I still really enjoyed Colossal Con, I guess running around dressed as Cloud is fun no matter what. I need to start taking more breaks while at a con. I don't rest and eat enough, so I think I'll try to set a schedule for myself next time.

    Conveniently I was graduating that Sunday, so I got home at 3:30 AM feeling like shit, woke up at 10 AM feeling like shit, and somehow managed to make a speech in front of thousands of people and pull it off. I was kind of terrified of what would happen, especially as we marched to the stadium in our gowns and I saw that audience. My stomach dropped to the ground. As soon as I got up to the microphone and started talking I became unusually calm. I graduated third in my class, and I made sure that as I gave that speech my hair would be pink, I mean it's been pink all year so why not? That was sort of my way of saying, "Go ahead and judge my shit because I have pink hair, because I'm smarter than your kid." It's crude, but people in my town GLARE at me all the time and they don't even know me.

   I also had my graduation party Sunday. It turned out amazing! So many of my friends came and it made me really happy. I even had count chuckula and sara clembys come all the way from Lakewood and they were even dressed up! It was amazing seeing them again. It was hard talking to all my friends and family that came but I think and hope I didn't make anyone feel ignored. I also got WAY more graduation money than I expected to. o_O I dunno what I'm gonna do with it. I plan on maybe buying a little bit of Bodyline with it and putting a good chunk of it in savings for college.

[edit] I almost forgot. I have reached the ultimate stage of geekery, as my graduation speech had an indirect quote from Zack Fair- " It is important to have dreams and embrace them" that led to my friends cracking up while I was making it xD

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hakuhide gave me Cloud

1. Do you like this character?

I'm kind of obsessed xD

2. What names do you call this character?

just Cloud

3. What image/color do you associate with this character?

dark blue... and yellow

4. What image/song do you associate with this character?

Take a Bow by Muse, not about him but about his hatred toward Sephiroth and Shinra. it's silly and makes no sense I know xD

5. What blood type do you think this character is?

sadly I know this it's AB

6. Of all the titles this character has appeared in, what character do you like to put this character with?

Zack and Aerith. at the same time yes :]

7. What would you want to say to this character?

honestly I'd say "hi" and run away

8. What do you want to do to this character?

hold his hand and skip through a field of wildflowers

9. What's your favorite ever quote by this character?

everything he says right after Aerith's death ;_;
"Aeris will no longer talk, no longer laugh cry.....or get angry...."

10. Please tag five friends with your choice of character.
petiteprincess1 Sailor Moon, amaryllisxi Faris Scherwiz, mutantmint Momoko, sins_of_pride Angeal (tagged twice cause I dunno who to tag x3 ), charmmy_loli  Snow White (cause you remind me of her)

Anime Punch yo

I barely even remember what happened besides being harassed by Kuma and his friends. xD I couldn't even function and I had two frickin energy shots and had to keep gorging food to keep me from getting sick. I need some really high calorie snacks to bring to conventions cause I hate having to eat constantly at cons cause my metabolism is ridiuclous. I met a couple of sweet people and it was the cheapest con ever since I got badges from my friends who had to leave early. I bought a Cloud wall scroll with some of that extra money cause I'm an obsessive fangirl freak. I actually can't wait for my obsession to cool down because it's quite obnoxious even to me. The rave was pretty awesome, I got to dance with both Kuma and Esa at one point and I guess I'm Esa's rave girlfriend. Ohshit!

Spring break has been exciting so far. I have a lot of things I'm determined to accomplish before it's over but knowing me it won't all get done even though it's mostly fun stuff. I plan to get almost all of my scrapbook done (which includes somehow printing pictures from my computer), get all of my scholarship applications filled out (it's such an easy thing to do but I dread it), finish FFVII, get a good start on Crisis Core, and do some stupid government assignment I'll probably just mooch off of Seth for.

College is terrifiying me right now. I'm extremely pampered, sheltered, needy, and I live in my own little fantasy world where the world revolves around me and everybody I'm really close to does all they can to make me happy. I realize that when I enter college I will have to rely on myself to be happy and that is going to be the hardest challenge of my life. I won't get everything I want and I will have to learn to do my own laundry, clean things, buy my own food and whatnot. I won't be able to just bitch about not having something and get it. The worst part is that I'll be separated from my mom and Seth (who is going to Akron, DAMN  YOU D: ), two of my favorite people in the world who I rely on more than anybody else. Sure, I do constantly consider the option of going to a community college for a couple of years for my gen eds since I don't feel ready to be independent yet, but I'm getting a very decent amount of scholarships and I'm going to have to accept this change sooner or later no matter what, I had might as well get it over with. Right now I just live in my comfort zone. It's not only college, it's a lot of things. I think right now I'm terrified of change, and it's going to be so hard to let go of so many things even though I have a feeling that a lot of good will come out of it all.


Wow, I haven't posted a journal entry in ages. All-State went well, which was forever and a year ago but ah well. xD Ohayocon rocked too. For the past few months I spent a lot of time with my Columbus homies-- Esa, Mansa and Am. Through Esa I met Am and Kuma and found out Kuma lives in BG which is only 30-40 minutes away. He decided that he thinks I'm awesome because I hoarded all of his blankets at Am's house so now we're buddies. He's so fun to be around and hilarious. <3

Thanks to Esa and company I'm  now addicted to FFVII and have a typical Cloud fangirl obsession. Damn. This kinda thing always happens to me, no matter how many times I promise myself I will not become infatuated with another make-believe character. I'm so hopeless. Esa decided that Zack is my lover though so I guess Cloud isn't for me. God I am a nerd xD

Oh, and I probably won't be going to Animarathon. If I do go it'll only be for a few hours. I was asked to be in the pit for a school musical and said yes without thinking about what day the musical would be on. D: I wanted to skip Saturday but I just don't have it in me to do such a thing. At least Anime Punch is coming  up. I'm most likely going to cosplay Namine in a KH2 group with Esa and company. We get to be shunned since KH2 isn't an anime and they're anal about that kinda thing but if I didn't cosplay with them I would just go in lolita and dipshits would still get all pissy thinking lolita is cosplay. -.-

Oh wow....

That band concert, the one where I have the solo and such-- it was snowed out today and now it's going to be rescheduled.
If it's rescheduled to next Saturday or Sunday I'm going to be ticked because I won't be able to spend that weekend with
hakuhide and lovecream  DDD: I don't even know what's going on for All-State. Hopefully if the weather is bad up here it'll still be cancelled even though it's in Columbus.
I played DDR yesterday for the first time in, like, years. I'm kind of sore now xD; Goooosh I need to get in shape.
I should probably be doing something useful with my time, such as learning how to drive or filling out college stuff. I have no idea how I'm so motivated in school, yet I have so much trouble doing something small outside of school that has a larger impact on my life.

Recent Stuffs

I decided I am going to try to blog more often now.
I'll get the venting out of the way first. I went to the Sandusky mall last week, where my mom overhead somebody asking somebody else if I'm a boy or a girl. WHAAA?! DDDDD: I don't wanna look like a  boy! Trust me, that totally works for some girls but not me. I don't care if people think my clothes are ugly, but I'll admit my self confidence about my genetic appearance is not at its highest. I have really long, pink hair, and I was wearing punk lolita. Come on.

Winter break ended, and even though I was dreading school starting back up it's not so bad. I've had a delay and a snow day this week, and I only have to be in school for two days next week before a 7-day break. So, that could have something to do with it. It's not too much of a break on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, though, since I'm going to all-state again. Of course it's super fun performing with such amazingly awesome students  (and feeling totally unworthy @_@ ), but it's a shitton of work! After our concert on Friday
hakuhide is picking me up, and I get to spend the next few days with her and lovecream . I miss them so much, and I'm glad I get to see them again. x3

On another note, I'm quite nervous/anxious/somewhat excited about this Sunday. I have a band concert where I'm performing a bassoon solo with half of the band as my accompaniment. It's a Hungarian Fantasia by Carl Von Weber.... or something like that, but I'm starting on the second movement since it's super long. It's pretty difficult, and I'm already feeling knots in my stomach because of it. ><; The day afterward is also my 18th birthday, so it's kind of like my final challenge before I become an adult. xD;; Though I'll never actually act like an adult anyway. The only benefit to being 18, is I'll be able to go to gay bars and raves now. Hell yes! If I can get into BG's gay night, my mom is taking me the Tuesday after All-State. I'm totally hyped.

On top of all this, Ohayocon is quickly approaching. Gosh, I can barely handle all of this anticipation. .__.

So now we have 6 cats

My mom, brother and I are ridiculously compassionate toward cats. For one, I am concerned about the millions of homeless cats that end up just being put to sleep or starve/freeze/whatnot after being abandoned. I know there isn't much I can do, but we are doing what we can to help. PEOPLE NEED TO FIX THEIR ANIMALS, EVEN IF THEY LIVE INDOORS. I have always known this is super important because we already have way too many cats, but after randomly lurking on the internets I found A SHITTON. OF GOOD REASONS.

"Every shelter in the region, in fact every shelter in the country, is filled to overflowing with kittens and cats looking for homes. Every shelter is doing everything in its power to find good homes, but the numbers are just  too high. Cats' birthrates are 12 times the human rate, and that results in an unwelcome surplus. Thousands will be killed."

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